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Design brief & creative direction

To design and build a corporate website that showcases the innovative products that IoT Technologies designs and builds within the smart tech space. The smart tech website aims to serve as an online platform and the design of the website should be clean, modern and easy to navigate. 

The website should provide visitors with detailed descriptions of the products on offer, along with relevant information and optimized for search engine visibility and social media sharing. It should be fully responsive and compatible with different device sizes and screen resolutions.

The Client

We were approached by a conglomerate of tech entrepreneurs that operate within the digital start up environment, with a design brief that provided IoT technologies with the authenticity to enable them to start their first round of funding. 

Creative Always

Our website design involved using unique and attractive features like accent colors, graphics, animations, and interfaces to improve the user experience. It impacted the user's impression of the site and influences engagement and conversion rates. Our effective website design needs to convey the brand's message, inspire users to take action, and return.

Website Design

Features include a clean, modern design with a focus on user experience and functionality. The site has a minimalistic layout with a prominent hero section to showcase the product and service with clear navigation and a hamburger menu, allowing for easy exploration of the pages. The site will be mobile-responsive and optimized for fast loading speeds to ensure a smooth user experience.

We work in the fields of UI/UX design and art direction.

We opted for a clean, contemporary design to reflect the industry, utilizing white space and organic shapes to create a flowing sense of motion to guide the user through an informative experience. Prior to works commencing we were suggested a color palette by the client to utilize throughout the website and used this to provide a design that fulfilled our remit whilst incorporating the design requirements of the client. We introduced a variety of call-to-action buttons that prompted the audience to make donations and further the foundations ability to provide more intern placements.


The website’s structure was designed to establish a clear user journey allowing website visitors to gain a better understanding of the research foundations goals and how to become a benefactor. In addition to great user experience, the website features previous and current studies that are being conducted whilst incorporating their mission statement as a benchmark throughout the site.

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