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Design brief & creative direction

To design and build a new website that updated an existing website, design and build new accompanying mobile app and web app with admin portal using Frecycle brand kit.

The new website needed to highlight the work Frecycle conducted but most importantly to showcase the new mobile app and subsequent admin portal that helped the Frecycle staff with the logistics and management of user recycling bookings.

The Client

Frecycle is a green innovator in the recycling world that initially set out to make sustainable recycling solutions by bringing together relevant technological advancements when recycling household and commercial waste. 

Creative Always

As the company had an existing website and mobile app that was not particularly well designed, our collaborative efforts were focused across both teams from Projeto Solutions and Old St. Labs.

Website Design/Mobile App Development

As part of their growing success and to meet the aims of the company, Frecycle required an update and addition to their existing website. The project had two key aims; firstly, to showcase the business idea and secondly, to evolve from principally delivering on demand recycling services, to becoming a dominant presence on both the App store and Play store.

We work in the fields of UI/UX design and digital product development.

We opted for a clean, contemporary design to reflect the industry, utilizing white space and organic shapes to create a flowing sense of motion to guide the user through an informative experience. Prior to works commencing we were suggested a color palette by the client to utilize throughout the website and used this to provide a design that fulfilled our remit whilst incorporating the design requirements of the client. We introduced a variety of call-to-action buttons that prompted the audience to download the mobile app and further the users journey and ultimately arrange a collection.

The website’s structure was designed to establish a clear user journey allowing website visitors to gain a better understanding of the company and how to become an end user. In addition to great user experience, the mobile app and website features provided Frecycle with the ability to break into the App store top 15 downloaded apps chart within four weeks of release.

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