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A community building app bringing people together and driving human connectivity

Allegr is a community building application aimed at bringing people together through shared activity. The app is designed to encourage members to interact in person and provides an ongoing framework of support and accountability. It’s technology-with-purpose where every member matters.

The Challenge

Ben and Rach, the co-founders of Allegr, came to us with their idea for their community building platform. They had the basic concepts for the app in their heads, but needed help to take these early stage ideas and turn them into full designs of a functional mobile app. They wanted to focus on easy organisation of participation events, simple set up of positive communities and encouragement of in-person interactions for their users. With COVID driving people more online they see an opportunity to create technology as a catalyst for positive, in-person experiences.

Our initial aim was to turn Ben and Rach’s thoughts into detailed user flows, to play back to them what we had heard about the desired user journeys. This ranged from creating community groups and arranging events to providing a positive environment to achieve personal and group goals. We created detailed wireflows, visually depicting how each functional part of the app would work in concert together. This helped to refine the initial concepts and remove unnecessary features. Having agreed the detailed wireflows we created a high fidelity prototype which demonstrates all of the key features and functions, and clearly links the app together. We built out the initial branding concepts, creating a stunning, intuitive app design.

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